Travel You Can Afford

by Dancoise

“Thank you so much for speeding up this call.

I’m in Switzerland right now, so it’s early, “ I apologized to the T-mobile agent for rushing her along with our call. “Oh wow, that must be beautiful, “ she gasped. “Yeah, but these days I’m really enjoying Argentina,” I replied. “You really get around, don’t you. I’ve always wanted to travel, “her voice longed for the adventure. And that’s when my 30-minute ‘You-can-do-this” traveling consultation began.

As I’ve traveled the world I’ve been at the receiving end of so many comments like, “Must be nice,” or “I wish I could do that,” or even “That’s my dream.” And as many imagine what travel must be like, few have ever taken the time to research the possibility. People are always amazed to hear that I’ve flown from Europe to South American for less than $300 dollars or spent an extended weekend in Morocco for 2 paying less than $200 all included. So since one of my life’s missions is to help people realize travel is firmly within grasp and only a Google away, here are some ways to take advantage of travel you can afford.

  1. Be flexible
  2. Search early
  3. Use Google Flights
  4. Use Expedia App
  5. Sign-up for travel credit cards with benefits
  6. Choose frequently traveled destinations
  7. Use Airbnb and host to earn stay gift certificates
  8. Travel Off-Season

“Thank you!” the agent exclaimed beyond grateful. “I’m going on break now to do a search.

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