Mexican Food in Mendoza, Argentina

Three years living part time in Mendoza and it’s time for something chill to add to my menu routine. Fine dining is great and with over 1’000 vineyards in the region there is no shortage of good eats in Mendoza, but where do you go when you just want to take delicious comfort food? First you scroll the list on PedidosYa, find Taco Time….and then decide…”actually I want to stop by for a visit.”

Taco Time´s tacos are packed full of flavor with their succulent 24-hour marinated roast beef, perfectly spiced pork and tender chicken selections. Each dish leaves you with a powerful punch of flavor,  satisfied hunger, while also leaving you light on your feet. In this video, trained chef Angelo Gonzalez talks about how his team discovered their perfect tortilla and tells us about how his start at American restaurant chain Chipotle, inspired what he hopes to be his Taco Time chain of the future. Enjoy and subscribe!

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