Egypt Trip – Amazing Soul Food + Pyramids

During the pandemic, my Egyptian friend Ash said, “Hey come over! They don’t care about masks or restrictions here. There’s no ‘pandemic'” So we hopped on a plane and had some of the best soul food I’ve ever had. We stayed at the Four Seasons – my favorite luxury hotel chain – and for one of our days in the city stayed in the pool the whole day enjoying ourselves, the view of the city, and the food they served us WHILE in the pool. The Egyptian residents weren’t super excited about our PDA, but …well.

If you stay ONLY order the Egyptian breakfast. The western breakfast wasn’t good at all. Giza Tour We took a spontaneous tour of the pyramids and decided to wing it. I would definitely recommend booking a luxury tour because the experience wasn’t so nice relying on local onsight services. The reality is that this is a very poor area and if you don’t want to see the “reality” then you’ll need to be guided by someone that keeps your fantasies of the glamourous pyramids alive. Also, be aware that many kids are begging in the area and many people offer “free” camel rides, but this is all…organized hustle. Just book a guide.

I will make a better video with more detail soon, but I wanted to put this up to get the channel rolling. I’d love to know which questions you have in the comment section and if you’ve visited Egypt, what do you recommend we do for our second trip?

Live from the Pyramids

In case you are wondering about our experience at the pyramids and why I say “book a tour!”, listen in and hear our live “In the moment” reactions to seeing what we witnessed on the day we visited Giza.

Listen to “Pyramid Talk | In the Moment” on Spreaker.

Links for Your Own Travel
Kebdet El Prince – Local Egyptian food with the local crowd.
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence – our hotel
FS Nile Boat– this is the boat with restaurant and entertainment

Zoe – Greek restaurant with delicious bites on the FS Nile Boat

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