Dancoise is the New Tsüri Columnist & Expat Voice

Please welcome our new expat columnist Dancoise! <<applause>>

“What is it like to live in Zurich as an expat? And what can expats expect from Zurich and the people here? Our new columnist Dancoise Miller knows the ropes and reports on life as an expat in Zurich over the summer.”

What an absolute honor to be in a position to communicate with bothe native Swiss and expats a like to talk about some stuff we love the hate about each other. Thank you Tsüri.ch for the opportunity to be voice in Zurich Switzerland.

There are just 2 reasons why you move to Switzerland and only one reason why you leave.

Tsri.ch article by Dancoise Miller

What to Expect as a New Expat in Zurich.

Watch YouTube Podcast feat. Comedian & Aussie expat Chris Darwa


“There are just 2 reasons why you move to Switzerland and only one reason why you leave. I’m not going to make a ton of friends with this column and that’s ok, but as a newbie in Zurich you’ll be grateful to read the unfiltered truth about what you’re really getting yourself into. As an expat, you will feel like the truth is finally emerging. And as a native Swiss citizen, you will begin to understand the gaping chasm between Swiss nationals and the other 25% of yahoos trudging around Zurich city complaining about the very Swiss culture nuances that have created the beloved “Swiss Quality” brand and the coveted Swiss neutrality that brought them to the country in the first place.”

The next goal is to secure a column in Los Angeles, California and a column in Mendoza, Argentina.


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