Bürgenstock Resort – Your Winter Break GetAway

“Your Bürgenstock Resort journey begins amid contemporary design, innovative restaurants and two spa worlds with breathtaking views, “ says the resort’s website, but my journey began with a cake delivery to a Qatari guest living at the resort. 

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If you don’t already know, I began my journey with The Cake Lady in 2011 and since then my entrepreneurial fairytale has blessed me with some amazing experiences: I’ve been lucky to bake for a laundry list of incredible corporations and clients, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to be featured in magazines, newspapers and multiple times on Swiss TV, and I’ve been an honored guest invited to judge and participate in cake events in the country as well as internationally.

On this day in 2021; however, I was well in the throes of my next career move and I needed to take some uninterrupted time to think. That need for a little quiet and mediation prompted me to deliver one of my spontaneous cake orders myself, although that’s something I almost never do. The one-hour drive from Wollerau to Lucerne would be the perfect opportunity to clear the anxiety suffocating my mind and get back into the rhythm of professional progress.

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The Arrival

An hour of Audible listening –  as I’d enjoyed a top-down drive in my BMW 228i – and I had arrived to the base of a hill with a sign pointing upward labeled “Bürgenstock Resort.”  

“Here we go,” I thought excited for the ride up, thinking back to all of the American sports car commercials I’d ever seen, featuring a sleek & sexy sports car whipping its slender body around winding roads in some beautifully ambiguous terrain. I turned off the radio, took a deep breath of the fresh Lucerne air, and revved up toward the hotel.

As I pulled up to the resort my heart exploded with excitement, alive with the adventure of the race up. The layers of green, the levels of textures, the rolling hills, all encapsulating beautiful Lake Lucerne painted the vista along the way and constructed the perfect panorama as I descended into the hotel’s Lakeview Bar & Cigar lounge.

The History

Bürgenstock Resort was founded in 1873 and over the course of its almost 150-year history has lived a remarkable evolution: Bucher & Durrer laid the foundation, the hotel opened in 1904, purchased in 1925 by Friedrich Frey-Fürst,  sold to UBS 1996, acquired by Richemont Héritage SA of Vich in 2000 and eventually acquired wholly by current owner The Barwa Real Estate Company in 2008.  One of my favorite highlights of the resort’s history is illuminated by the hotel’s cast of so-called “glitterati” rich, royal and famous: Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger. As you make your way through the historical hallways – one floor below the lounge – you encounter photos, artifacts, and video which tell the story from inception to present-day, 1-billion Swiss Franc restoration. The story is heroic, humble and posh all in one breath.

Bürgenstock Resort Today

As I wander around the resort the Chef de Partie caught my glance, greeted me and recommended that I head up to “Spices” to have a nibble of breakfast in their restaurant and take in the breathtaking view. With my computer, pen, and paper in hand, I caught the elevator to the restaurant. The hostess with her Latin accent escorted me to the terrasse and as we walked through the indoor space I began asking her in Spanish about where she’s from and what she was doing in Switzerland. As soon as we reached the great outdoors; however, the conversation came to a pregnant pause: abrupt silence -coming from me – is the biggest compliment that you could ever receive.

“Oh my goodness! Is this the view?” I glanced over the railing from the back edge of the restaurant too intimidated to walk up and take it all in.

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“Yes that’s the view,” she replied amused, but clearly accustomed to the reaction.

I sat at my table enjoyed a creamy cup of cappuccino, made especially for me with almond milk for my lactose intolerance. A gentleman from the team insisted that I allow a fresh pastry to join my coffee and delivered a flakey French croissant with homemade jam to my table. The treats were delightful and the morning was so clear that before I knew it two hours had elapsed and I hadn’t done a bit of the work that I had planned to do during my stop. The best part was that I didn’t care at all and as I paused to realize how much I was enjoying the atmosphere, I decided to commit fully to the moment.

I gazed out at the view catching a glimpse of the guests along the way: there was a handsome gentleman alone taking a coffee, an older Swiss couple already spoiled by Switzerland’s vast and unparalleled beauty and a Thai woman, her Swiss husband, and their fluffy white terrier puppy, who turned out to be 8 years old to be exact: I spoke with the lovely Thai woman and found out that they were actually neighbors to the resort and had decided to drop by for 2 nights to enjoy a different angle of the view they’ve been enjoying for years. I finally gathered the courage to walk over to approach the view and none of the photos that I’ve taken or have seen since properly do the gorgeous view justice. The restaurant cantilevers over the lake giving you the feeling of luxury #lakelife serenity and respectful guests let that all happen in uninterrupted bliss: no speed boats waking you from your entranced gaze, no nearby shenanigans to distract your peace.

Invited Guest

At the end of my visit I checked back in with the team to thank them for the Spice restaurant recommendation and rave about how wonderful the resort is for a nice relaxing morning. I received a brochure and was told to contact the sales team if I ever thought about hosting an event. I contacted the team for more details out of curiosity and to my surprise they invited me to see things up close for myself during an apero they had already planned.

The evening was beautiful with the Chaplin Davidoff cocktail surprise being my favorite piece of entertainment. I received an in-person tour of the hotel, an up-close experience with the resort’s history, and had the pleasure of mingling with some interesting guests of the apero.

The resort is known for its over 10’000 m2 spa and while I’d love to speak about it and also speak about the experience of being an overnight guest, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to live the experience; however, once I do, be sure I’ll be back with an update and more details. Stay tuned!

For Kids

OH! I nearly forgot the play center for children! As a mother of two amazing children, I always like to know, “What’s in it for the kids?” If you have children between the ages of 3 to 8, they will find themselves well entertained in the daycare area with it’s wide verity of activities, stimulating colors and its lovely staff.

All-in-all, my first impression of Burgenstock Resort is a fabulous one and if the overnight experience is anything like the people that bring it all together, you’ll be in for a wonderful treat, delicious food, a luxury spa among unparalleled views.

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