Argentinian Aged Beef and the Abrasado Experience

Visiting Bodega Los Toneles

Since 2018, Argentina has been one of my favorite “Chasing the sun” destinations and at the top of the “Reasons, Why” list is the food. Mendoza is my province of choice. Every meal is “farm-to-table” quality and with Mendoza being the largest wine region in all of South America, chefs are ready to please your palate as you prepare to take in their range of brilliantly composed reds, whites, and sparkling.

If you know me, then you know that, unlike most tourists who flock to the over 1’200 vineyards in this region for the best Malbec your lips will ever have the pleasure to kiss, I come for the food. The marinaded, the fried, the poached, the sous vide, the braised, the broiled, and today…the aged. The same magic bestowed by father time on these fine wines found its way to my beautiful tenderloin today and I invite you to watch the magic unfold with me.

Look at my eyes after I put the beef in my mouth. When I blink, even I can see the “wow” sparkle in my eyes as my palate sends all the “thumbs up” waves to my brain.

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