About Dançoise

Hi! My name is Dançoise. You may also know me as The Cake Lady, the stylish *doyenne of edible arts*. But that’s just one of the many aspects of Dançoise! Edible art is a creative vehicle for my passion to connect people and inspire them to achieve their dreams. Achievement is like a multi-tiered cake - and there are no limits to how high you can go!

Who is Dançoise? Hailing from Southern California and now based in Zürich, I am an inspirational speaker, media personality, motivational business leader, and trailblazer for black women to combine ambition and success with heart and soul in every facet of their lives. To create richly is also to give richly.

Black Owned Ambition My aim is to encourage others as a change agent within the edible arts industry, and beyond- into communities, and re-writing the narrative for young women of color so that ambition is the norm and positive achievement is the goal. We all start from somewhere! The Cake Lady began in the basement of our family home and grew into a wonderful business.

Charity and Community Outreach I am a committed supporter of charities in Switzerland; most notably Room to Read and others.

Build Berdo - “When You Know Better, You Do Better”* In my hometown of San Benardino, CA, I created my own movement - *Build Berdo* - which focuses on helping black teenagers push through the glass ceiling of their environment, into the strata of endless possibilities that exist beyond the walls of their neighborhoods. "Build Berdo" is a transformational program that sparks curiosity, encourages students to focus on their education and create prosperity for themselves. Quite simply, “when you know better, you do better."

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